We are a community.

At LifeSet Network we strongly believe that the value of our organization comes from the amazing members of our network. What we love most about this Network is the exchange of encouragement, advice, resources and support between people who’ve never met but share a desire to help youth leaving foster care reach their fullest potential. In order to keep this dynamic community thriving, we ask that all users: youth, supporters, organizations and businesses keep in mind these safety guidelines while visiting and participating in LifeSet Network.

The Basics.

• Never agree to meet someone you've met online in person
• Don't give out your full name or personal information
• Create a username that is not your first and last name
• Never give out your phone number, email or address
• Do not share information about what school you go to
• Be cautious of people who may ask too many personal questions

Our Safety Policy.

• To ensure the safety of our LifeSet Network youth, we ask that supporters offer advice, encouragement and help to youth only through the public message boards on LifeSet Network profiles. Communication between supporters and youth is not permitted outside of www.lifesetnetwork.org. This includes email communication, phone calls, and social media interaction.
• LifeSet Network is not able to coordinate other unoffered services between youth and supporters such as material donations, services, payments or gifts of any kind.
• Approved Transition Resource Partners and Opportunity Partners are permitted to post information about programs and services for youth to the Resources section of www.lifesetnetwork.org. In order to take advantage of services, youth should directly contact an organization or business for more information. LifeSet Network does not share youth’s personal information except for first name and state of residence with any third parties.  Youth are permitted to voluntarily share their personal information with approved Transition Resource and Opportunity Partners outside of LifeSet Network.
• While LifeSet Network does screen Transition Resource Partners and Opportunity Partners, youth should still use their best judgment before meeting with anyone from these organizations or sharing their personal information.

It takes all of us.

Please help keep www.lifesetnetwork.org a safe and comfortable environment for everyone by adhering to the above safety guidelines. If you see any inappropriate content within www.lifesetnetwork.org please flag it as inappropriate, contact us or call our office at (901) 251-4810.