What would you do if you knew you could NOT fail?: 
This question is difficult for me to answer, because if I know I could never fail then I would never stop trying to reach higher and higher. I feel like I already have the mindset of reaching for the stars but I would feel so empowered that I could have all the stars in all the skies.
What are your Goals?: 
Taking care of my health
Continuing my education
Getting connected to supportive people
Something I'm Known For: 
I am known for the smile I have at all times.
Favorite Food: 
Tennis, sorority, and hiking.
Source of strength while growing up: 
I found my strength in school.
One thing I want the world to know about foster care: 
Foster care saves lives, it saved me.
College is hard, and it's even harder alone.
What emotion are you feeling about being part of the LifeSet Network?: 
I am grateful.