Camellia Network was founded by brand strategist Isis Dallis Keigwin and best-selling author and foster mother Vanessa Diffenbaugh. In late 2010, these long-time friends with very different personal and professional backgrounds decided to combine their expertise and passions for good and set out to revolutionize the way youth transitioning out of foster care in this country were viewed and supported.
Pilot Program

Pilot Program

Camellia Network’s capacity to produce measurable, meaningful results was showcased in a tremendously successful pilot program in 2011. To test the model and theory of change, Camellia Network launched a pilot program serving 33 youth in seven states. Camellia Network partnered with 11 community organizations to identify youth who were transitioning from foster care to adulthood while also trying to pursue higher education, become new parents, find a job or move into their first home. Our youth were able to create registries on the site to help them achieve that goal and share their stories with supporters from around the country.

Network Launch

In 2012, the co-founders and their small team launched Camellia Network, the first-of-its-kind social network that connected former foster youth to supporters, opportunities and resources from around the country. In three years, they connected 320 youth to more than 1,800 supporters. Those supporters also helped fund 2,152 essential items to help former foster youth begin their transition into adulthood.
Network Launch
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LifeSet Network

In July 2015, Camellia Network merged with Youth Villages, a nationally recognized leader and innovator in the social services field. The platform was relaunched as The LifeSet Network in August 2015. Youth Villages’ work with young people aging out of state custody goes back to 1999, and its program for this group is called YVLifeSet. Youth Villages believes in the potential of every single kid to become an incredible adult, and the YVLifeSet program is our model that helps them achieve that potential. Visit to learn more about how Youth Villages helps young people...Get Ready. Get Set. For Life.

Young people do not have to be enrolled in Youth Villages’ YVLifeSet program to participate in the LifeSet Network.


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